Harry Kusin

It was way back during a poster making competition in school when Harry first realized he had a gift for artistry. He continued to excel and actually received an artist of the year award. Before discovering his ability in arts, Harry was inspired by the beauty of nature. He began drawing houses, sea creatures, and other simple images. With continued drive for improvement, he advanced to people, animals, and scenes of nature. But as a young man, he saw no use or purpose for being an artist, so discontinued with it, until years later after meeting someone who recognized his talent as an artist. It was Kenny who recognized the spiritual gift in Harry, and encouraged him to excel further with it. Harry is now the bonafide artist for the website, and recently his talent has improved dramatically. Occasionally you will notice an image posted with an article that has been drawn, such as Four Horseman or Stairway To Heaven. As a freelance artist, Harry allows intuition to quicken the imagination, resulting in aesthetic creations.