Kenny Hinrichs

Became an inspirational writer about 1999, initially wrote a book titled “Eternity At Stake”, but never got published. While writing the book, the Lord gave the title, and I asked him to not let it be published until it was written correctly. I tried hard to get it published, but it wasn’t to be. In retrospect, I think writing the book was God‘s plan to get me started, after that would occasionally write and article about this or that. Then in 2013 started the Eternity At Stake Facebook Page, which is still up. It became very active because I boosted the articles, and lots of people were stopping by. There were many discussions going on in multiple strings. Then Facebook cut me off from boosting, and perhaps more than that, because traffic dropped dramatically. Suddenly realized relying on the social media giant as the main platform was not a wise plan, then got the idea of building a website with the same name. Did not know how to build it, so it has been a learning process. At one point was leaning towards hiring a webmaster, but the Lord caused me to know it is my job. Since the website became operational in April 2018, have been adding articles. Initially was adding about four per week, but cut back to two per week. Still have additional features planned, it’s an ongoing learning process. The articles are generally by inspiration, the Lord uses various methods to inspire, then I express it through writing.