Access To God’s Love 1 - Favor is Conditional

If someone doesn’t know much about God, but is told he loves everyone, then it’s natural to presume he would treat everyone with love. But then if the person also hears about events in the Old Testament when God was less than loving toward some people, questions will likely arise. Hopefully this inquisitive moment inspires a decision to learn more about our Maker.

God gives a level playing field, you might say, to everyone, whereas the sun rises every day and rain waters earth, along with all the other laws of nature. In this respect, everyone is walking in God’s love, but beyond nature, access is conditional.

Even though God’s love is demonstrated through nature, some people don’t recognize it. In fact, the world’s education system is designed to teach life originated by chance, and all the different animals, birds, sea life, insects, and even people have evolved from a single cell amoeba, into the numerous species alive on earth today. A story like that would seem to be much harder to believe than the truth. In recent years, it has even become tantamount to a crime if God or Jesus are mentioned in some schools within Christian nations.

If the beauty and magnificence of nature was not enough to reveal his love, God has taken another monumental step, sent Jesus to pay for our sins with his blood. Now when our love for God is demonstrated by receiving Jesus as Savior, we walk in his special favor. Consequently, people who do not recognize God or refuse to submit to his sovereignty, aren’t in his favor, in fact, they live as his enemies.

It isn’t only a purposeful choice to reject God that separates someone from him, but failing to recognize truth about the Good News will also leave a person in darkness. It is written, that if we are not with God, then we are against him. Anyone continually preferring to live outside of God‘s presence, will have that desire eternally granted in the beyond, but will immediately realize it’s the worst situation possible.

They will be completely outside of any love, in a place where there is nothing good, just endless regret, pain, and torment. God doesn’t want anyone to end up there, but it’s each person’s choice, and the choice to live without our Maker comes with extreme consequences. Some people may take that as a threat, but it’s just information, withholding the truth doesn’t make it any less true.

An existence without God is what Jesus saves us from, he lived as a man for the purpose of allowing sinners to crucify him, enduring punishment for our sins, becoming the only doorway giving access to God. Now, we must choose to believe the Good News, receiving Jesus as Savior, and in turn, joining in with God‘s Covenant. But, people or societies who conduct evil life styles, whether they realize it or not, have no protection or rights, they are living in contrast to the ways of God.

Although, this article is mainly addressing situations and events back during the Old Covenant days. Someone made charges against God concerning historical events, I’ll refer to him as Steve, this mini-series is in response to those charges. After listing the charges, which will be addressed, Steve concluded by saying this about God:

There you go, the murder of children, the sanction of slavery, AND the sanction of genocide, straight from your gods mouth into the bible. No context needed, no inconsistency to examine, just flat-out evil and barbarism from your ‘holy’ and ‘perfect’ god.”

The Lord nudged my heart about it all day to respond with explanation, so this mini-series is addressing Steve’s charges.

God, who has created heaven and earth, is wonderful, loving, omnificent, omnipotent, omnipresent, and most significant, he is holy. Holiness is the opposite of evil, and they cannot be one together, God will never condone evil, it always has consequences.

The god of the world is Satan, and he’s completely evil. We are very fortunate God doesn’t have an evil heart as Satan does, that would be horrible. Existence would be full of lies, deception, killing, stealing…, similar to the world today. If Satan was our eternal God, life would be eternally miserable.

Fortunately our Father is holy, and there is no place in his Kingdom for evil. He is only allowing Satan to spread evil on earth temporarily, and we can only speculate why this is allowed at all. But, if I were to speculate, I would say it’s to give people a choice, whether to continue in evil or turn to God.

This is similar to the old saying, “If you love someone let them go, and if they love you they will return.” Before we are born, God knew us, but after being born we have no memory of him. This is like he’s letting us go, and now when we accept Jesus as our personal Savior, we are returning to our Father.

In this way, God is giving us the choice whether to turn to him or remain estranged. Even though he’s allowing Satan to spread evil, we don’t have to conform to it, we can turn to God and allow the Spirit to create a new heart within.

Even during the Old Covenant days, people had a choice of how to conduct their lives, as was manifested in Nineveh. When people choose to walk in evil ways, they were constantly in danger of God’s wrath, and when evil people pass on, they have no rights in the beyond. They can’t stomp their feet and say, “Where are our rights?”, because they will have no foundation to stand on.

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