Access To God’s Love 2 - Accused of Murder


If you haven’t read Part 1, you should read it first, then part 2 will have better foundation. Also, I’m going to number the three different pharaohs mentioned in this article, otherwise it would be hard to keep track. I will number them chronologically as mentioned, rather than in historical order.

Charge #1: Steve charged God with murdering Egyptian children.

Back when Pharaoh-1 was defying God by refusing to release the Israelites from slavery, God killed the firstborn of every Egyptian family. The Egyptians at that time were living wicked lives, worshiping pagan gods, and Pharaoh-1 displayed an arrogant disregard for the Israelite God.

Additionally, 80 years prior, Pharaoh-2 had commanded the mass murder of all male Israelite babies, illustrating a total disregard for the power of God. He would’ve had to have his head in the sand his whole life to not know about the only true God, because 300 years prior, God had blessed Egypt greatly through Joseph, while Pharaoh-3 was in command.

Pharaoh-3 had two profound dreams in one night that he didn’t understand, which troubled him greatly. Then, due to a previous chain of events orchestrated by God, Joseph was groomed and brought from prison to hopefully interpret the dreams. Joseph told Pharaoh-3 interpreting dreams was beyond his power, but God would reveal the interpretation.

He informed Pharaoh-3 both dreams meant the same thing, that there would be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. Pharaoh-3 believed the interpretation, and also that Joseph was filled with the Spirit of God. Pharaoh-3 had so much confidence in Joseph, that he made him second-in-command. In one day Joseph went from being a longtime prisoner to Prime Minister of Egypt, God is awesome.

Then due to the hands-on leadership of Joseph, Egypt had plenty of food in-store for the years of famine. Also during the seven years of famine, the government of Egypt dramatically increased in wealth by utilizing their abundant supply of food to trade for land ownership, then they leased the land back to the residence. Something this significant was surely recorded in the national archives, therefore, Pharaoh-1 had to have known about the awesome power and honor of God, as revealed in prophecy through Joseph, but chose to disregard him, a very poor choice.

Also during the years of famine, Joseph’s family ran out of food, so they went to Egypt to get some. To make a long story short, they ended up moving to Egypt, and Pharaoh-3 gave them very good land. Later on, long after Joseph died, the Egyptians enslaved the Israelites, treating them harshly.

Even in consideration of Egypt’s history with God, they were blindly acting as enemies of God during the reign of Pharaoh-1, refusing to acknowledged his sovereignty, actually disregarded him altogether. Therefore, it’s no surprise that as enemies of God, they had no protection or rights, and were subject to his wrath.

I’m not saying the Egyptians were the only people acting as enemies of God, but God is sovereign and chooses when justice will prevail.  While persuading Pharaoh-1 to free the Israelites, God used the opportunity to reveal his awesome power and authority through miraculous and terrifying events, including when the Red Sea was divided.

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