Alignment of Heart and Mind

When car wheels are out of alignment, tire wear accelerates and fuel mileage reduces, and naturally the more the car is out of alignment, efficiency is less. In a similar fashion, our thinking and intentions can also be out of alignment. Having undisciplined or uncoordinated thoughts that tend to go against other thoughts, causes the journey to be somewhat chaotic.

Dichotomy in the heart or mind can disorient efforts, causing reduced effectiveness, and naturally the greater the conflict or disorder, the less effective we will be in whatever task is at hand. Being double minded on anything is allowing a battle to exist in the mind, which uses up energy and complicates decisions.

Proper mental alignment allows peace and harmony within, and, as the rudder of our life, the heart should be protected from evil, it is molded by what the mind savers and dwells on. The best way to achieve single mindedness is to spend time with the Lord, he is our true north, our foundational anchor to what is lovely and pure. While spending time with Jesus, our priorities become illuminated, enabling a proper prioritizing of values and intentions.

Having plans and values prioritized, acts as a catalyst for confidence and courage. The Lord is always with us, ready and willing to help anyone who is open to his leadership, guidance, and authority. God has given Jesus full authority over heaven and earth, he is also our Shepherd, willing to go to the ends of the earth to revive or encourage a wondering child of God.


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