Burdens of Anxiety

There’s lots of reasons for anxiety, but being close to God, being right with him, alleviates all worries. Living a life of anxiety is unhealthy, can lead to all kinds of medical issues and a shortened life. Our bodies don’t function optimally when worry is present.

When God‘s peace resides in the heart, there is no room for anxiety, it is eliminated. There’s no doubt that God can do anything, after all, he created everything we can and cannot see, so of course he is able to protect and guide our lives.

But, since we have freewill, we must also be willing to allow him a close relationship, and this is a requirement, there’s no way around it. Oherwise we are walking earth alone, faced with lots of things to be anxious about.

Receiving Jesus as Savior is only the initial step toward being right with God, and it is a required step, there is no access to God without Jesus. Through him we become children of God, citizens of his eternal Kingdom. Our Father loves each of us very much, a love greater than we can understand.

Here is the key, access to God‘s love is conditional, we are required to love him. This love cannot be faked or forced, it bubbles up from within the heart. Although, we can force ourselves to learn more about God, and the more we know about him, the more we love him, unless the heart is unwilling, stone cold to the truth.

As we draw closer to our Father, we realize he cares much about his masterpiece, and the wonderful promises within the Bible become true for the faithful. Faith flourishes within the heart as a relationship forms with our Father, and faith is the basis for anything that we receive from our Father. He will only bless or reward us according to our faith.

When someone has a divided heart, half-heartedly following God, while at the same time allowing worldly pleasures and enticements to be a hindrance, then the door is wide open for anxieties to take away peace. This halfheartedness is trouble, it demolishes faith, acting as a blockage to blessings.

We must be willing to take the giant step of trusting God with everything in our life, trusting that he won’t lead us down a path of pain and disaster, but rather a path of challenges and fulfillment. We must believe God not only can control everything, but is willing to support and protect his children, as his Kingdom receives high priority.

Even though our Father has given Jesus authority over heaven and earth, Jesus forever remains under the authority of our Father. You could say he is the CEO of God’s Kingdom. Jesus is not only our Savior and Lord, but he’s also our Shepherd, brother, King, and God. He’s as much God to us as the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit is our Father’s close presence.

Jesus is as God to us, because our Father has anointed him with great power and glory, and he is worthy of such honor. He has trusted and obeyed God in everything, even unto death. Even though he knew God was going to raise him back to life, it took a lot of courage and faith to allow people to whip, beat, mock, and crucify him. But, even before demonstrating his worthiness on the cross, our Father had annointed him higher than any other, he was actually God of the Old Testament.

The three of them, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, are one in heart and purpose, in constant communication, each are omnipresent. The Spirit is always with each child of God, until we pass into the beyond. If we allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by temptation or seduction, or choose to walk in to some type of evil from within our own heart, then the Spirit’s wonderful presence will become quiet, except for possibly convicting us of iniquities. But, if we develop a habit of disregarding our conscience, we eventually stop hearing it, then we are in real trouble, in danger of being forever lost.

After someone stumbles by temptation, repentance is the way back to right standing with God. Repentance is not merely admitting a wrong, but actually intending to turn from it, being ashamed of it to the point of no longer wanting anything to do with it. When iniquity no longer resides in thoughts, then the battle has been won, but until that occurs, the battle continues to rage in a persons mind. And without repentance, evil still tries to rule over the heart.

These inner battles are actually a choice, because Jesus won the war for us, he has freed us from the enticement of sin, but we must be willing. The world is under the power of Satan, but Jesus has taken away his power over us, and when we utilize the power Jesus has authorized us to flex, then Satan has no power over us whatsoever. But, if we allow Satan into our lives, then he has power over us.

When we give our hearts completely to our Father, then there is no room for evil, enticements and temptation lose their power to enslave us. But we must remain on guard, always wearing the armor of God, and always pursuing the righteousness of God, otherwise we may still stumble.

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