Churning Winds of Modern Times 1 - Most Turbulent Nation

“In my vision that night, I, Daniel, saw a great storm churning the surface of a great sea, with strong winds blowing from every direction.”

‭‭Daniel‬ ‭7:2‬ ‭NLT‬‬

The phrase “great sea” is in reference to masses of people, and since the wind was blowing in every direction, it is referring to much turmoil around the globe. If you keep up on world news, you are likely aware that there is much animosity all around the world, and many of the conflicts have reached violence, or are near it.

I’ll go from nation to nation naming current significant conflicts, starting with the nation that seems to have more national and international conflicts than any other, China.


Social credit score:

Recently, China has been testing and will soon impose nationwide what they call social credit score, as a means to control behavior of the citizens. The way for citizens to get a good social credit score is to do everything right according to the communist government, and the way to get a bad score is to display conduct that falls below their standards, such as buying alcohol or protesting.

Examples of ramifications of having a low social credit score, is being denied a plane ticket or train ticket, revealing the communists not only spy on their citizens, but are taking steps to micro-manage their lives. They have many methods of surveillance currently in place, constantly spying on the people. This seems creepy to outsiders, but the citizens have become somewhat used to it, they are spoon-fed information by the media, which also must stay within the guidelines of the communist government or face ramifications. It seems communists are willing to do whatever it takes to retain power.

Island/sea International disputes:

They built islands where there were none, in a shrewd plan to claim international waters as their own. China is also laying claim to islands belonging to the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and others, all included in their endeavor to expand. There is significant international interest with China attempting to integrate Hong Kong and Taiwan, and even though technically they own those islands, people who live their have been self governed for decades, and won’t give up sovereignty without a fight.

Border dispute with India:

China has a long standing border dispute with India, which has led to multiple military excursions over the years. China has dominated the battles in the past, but India has improve their military in modern times, so any future clashes should be significant, and both have nuclear weapons.

Trade dispute with USA:

For decades China has been taking advantage of the USA by hundreds of billions of dollars in lopsided trade. They also have required foreign companies to turn over company secrets and blueprints, before being allowed to build a factory there, and they also must sign over part ownership of the China division of their company to an established Chinese company.

They have other rules in place designed to give them significant trade advantages, but now Trump is using tariffs to force China to renegotiate trade deals. Before imposing tariffs,Trump asked the Chinese for ideas leading to more equal trade, but they declined to offer any ideas, and signified they like things the way they are. But, now that tariffs has cost China billions of dollars and has shaken their economy, they are willing to negotiate more fair trade.

Belt and Road:

The belt and road initiative is a wide conglomeration of avenues of trade between Europe, Asia, and Africa, intended to increase freedom of trade between the continents. China is financing and building highways, railways, pipelines and shipping harbors throughout. Initially, China’s push for the belt and road initiative appears to be a magnanimous gesture, as they not only provide funding for the construction, but actually do much of the construction themselves, and even supply much of the building material, especially with shipping harbors and railways.

But with a closer look, an anterior motive comes into view. It is certain they know many of the nations will be unable to repay the billions of dollars, especially in Africa, which will result in China assuming controlling ownership of much of the belt and road system. This will give them much international control over trade, and you can bet they will make it quite lucrative for themselves. This increased international wealth will also generate much political and economical power, increasing their ability to manipulate other nations.

Retraining or concentration camps:

You have probably heard about China rounding up millions of Muslims to be placed in re-training camps, but you probably haven’t heard they also do this with Christians. The media rarely reports persecution of Christians, even though persecution of God’s children is increasing all over the world, which is a sign of the times according to biblical prophecy.

People remain as prisoners in these camps for months or years, while the Communists try brainwashing them into deserting their idealogical believes and/or political leanings. There are many other ways in which China persecutes Christians, they would like to eradicate Christianity, because Christians won’t conform to worshiping the government.


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