Completing a Task

One way to significantly accelerate completion of a project, is to have a clear plan of action. If the plan has blurry gaps here and there, it should be high priority to gain focus over those steps. These gaps of uncertainty will cause continuous lag in overall progress, and may even halt progress altogether. For example, let’s say you were going to build a house. First you would need a blueprint or an architectural drawing of the house. The more intricate with details, will result in less uncertainly as building progresses. General layout and design is the initial step, but you would also need schematics for electrical and plumbing. Before starting the blueprint, you would need to decide how sturdy you would want the house to be. Would you want it just good enough to get by, or would you want abundant strength and extra wall thickness? How well would you want it to be weatherproofed, deciding on thickness of insulation and quality of windows. Then you would need to decide what quality of building materials, and where or how you would acquire this material, and how to get the materials to the building site. Finally, you would need to know if you are capable of doing bulk the work by yourself, or will you need to hire a builder. If you do it yourself, how many helpers will you need? If you hire a construction company to do it for you, will you be able to afford their expertise? These are all details that should probably be determined before breaking ground. With all these details initially worked out, then you can focus on the task-at-hand, forming a plan of action from start to finish, significantly reducing delays. On the other hand, if you begin building the house with many decisions left open, then you will have all these unsettled issues constantly striving for your attention. This would create a bit of a chaos in your mind, because rather than focusing on the task-at-hand, there would be an array of nagging decisions yet to be made. Rather than starting your day with a perfect plan of action and getting a lot of work done, your thoughts would be all over the place with unsettled details. An exception to the rule of planning first, would be when God sends you on a task, and only gives you a partial vision of steps to be taken. In this case, you would step forth in faith, knowing God has the project all planned out. If you proceed to do what you know so far, then more will be revealed. If there are what seems to be impassable barriers, or things that seem impossible to accomplish, keep in mind who sent you on the task. If God sends you to do a task, and there’s an impossibility in the way, then as you step forth in faith, it will be handled, and many times it turns out to be just an illusion. But, without stepping forth, it would continue to block your progress. If God tells you to build something, but you don’t have the know-how to do it, and don’t have sufficient money either, what do you do? It would be natural to seek additional confirmation, wondering if the idea is actually yours, rather than from God. God knows your heart, and if you genuinely want additional confirmation, he will provide it, so be aware with an open heart. He may provide it in a manner you won’t be expecting, so be sure to look for his confirmation. And, when the matter continues to weigh on your heart, you will conclude it must be from God. If the Lord sends you to do a task, he will surely enable you to do it, so as you diligently step forth, knowing your success depends on him, don’t be surprised when you see his fingerprints here and there, causing things to happen that leads to success.


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