Dream - Counseling a Confused Couple about Natural vs Unnatural Marriage

I was in a waiting room with several people and lots of vacant seats. There was a guy and a girl about 18 years old and were always together. They were drawn to me somehow as a source for help concerning their situation, I assumed God had drawn them to me.

Apparently they were not content as guy and girl, they wanted the guy to have a sex change to become a girl, so then they would be together as girl girl, so I provided counseling about this. The guy didn’t talk, was sort of in a trance, rather the girl was doing all the talking. My counsel was based on biblical values, discouraging from transgender mutilation, and discussed about various long-lasting regrets that typically arise as a result of deviating from God-given gender.

Even after genital mutilation and numerous applications of estrogen, the boy is still a boy, that cannot be altered, no matter what they do to the body. But now the boy has surgical alterations, which will likely be regretted eventually, and who knows what prolonged estrogen use can do to a boy.

When I began to tell about God, she rightaway asked me not to mention him, but I continued telling them about him. Told her that he is loving and wonderful, and is the only source of true help. They did not get up and leave when I continued talking about God, but I got the idea that they were not absorbing the information, rather tolerating it.

But, God always does things that his servants are not aware of, so perhaps in their hearts they were rationalizing the truth. Even though they didn’t respond and draw close to God at that time, the words may have resonated in their hearts later on, and perhaps then they turned to him.

I got to thinking about this dream later, and according to worldly values these days, it’s becoming increasingly popular to be homosexual rather than natural. That may be why they wanted the boy to have a sex change, so they could be a homosexual couple. Sure hope they got it straightened out, and chose to stick with natural rather than what isn’t, and did so with love and joy, and also came to know God.



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