Hell Prophecy 2 - Avoiding the Wide Gate

There is absolutely no comfort in hell, it’s a place of separation from God. People who choose to be separated from God while living, will face eternal separation, the worst fate possible. God has allowed demons to be dominant in hell, with Satan as their commander.

Satan severely tortures condemned souls, their screams provide a feeling of revenge, knowing he has lured them away from God. It doesn’t matter if someone spent their whole life serving Satan, he will still burn them and laugh at their pain. He is filled with rage, knowing his eternal future is in the lake of fire, it gives him a sick satisfaction to ruthlessly and perpetually torture the chaff of mankind.

When someone first enters the infernal prison, demons are eager to introduce the horrors of hell, they seem to be expecting each new arrival as though notification is given. They may dig into the person's chest and rip their heart out, or severely cut the person all over, or tare flesh off their bones, or may even rip the person apart and eat their flesh. Whatever they do, the person's flesh comes back together when it's over, and different horrors are repeated over and over. During whatever happens, the pain is unbearable.

There are numerous other horrors in hell, but the point has been presented, you don't want to go there. These hideously gruesome creatures have no compassion, and seem to get joy from extreme torturing. These are the same demons who are roaming earth, leading people away from God, any way they can.

But while we are physically alive, God has set limits on what they can do, and without our consent they are powerless. So they try very hard to get us to consent to evil dressed to look lovely, which opens the door for them to affect our lives.

Your first thought about evil dressed to look lovely might be a beautiful seductress woman, but there are lots of more subtle temptations or traps. One method might be the pursuit of money, a person may choose to disregard the correct path, due to a seduction of easy cash. Demons have been at this game for thousands of years, so they know which seductions work best toward disrupting or destroying a person’s life. The only way we can truly avoid their traps, is to always make choices based on God‘s values.

Hell is completely void of love, even if a condemned soul happened to see someone they knew while alive, they wouldn't care, because they'd be in such torment. It's a place of loneliness, hopelessness, constant regret, relentless pain, hate, and with dangers all around.

God doesn't want anyone to go there, but we must repent and draw close to Jesus. He paid for our sins so we wouldn’t be condemned, but we must receive this gift, and draw close to him. We choose our own destiny by the choices we make while living, and who we become as defined in the heart. We are required to adapt a holy lifestyle not only in action, but also heart and mind. We can only do this by adhering to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, allowing him to build a new heart within as we study and digest the Word of God.

Think carefully about what is right, and stop sinning..."

1 Cor 15:34 NLT

God has provided a doorway for us to step into his Kingdom, but we must choose to enter. Inviting Jesus into our lives as Savior and Lord is the initial step, but we also need to repent and give the Kingdom high priority. Heaven is the antithesis of hell, beautiful and magnificent, a very wonderful place. Heaven is permanent, whereas earth is only temporary, and laws of nature are very different there. We'll have spirit bodies in the image of our physical bodies at about age 28, and there will be no pain or ailments.

We are required to repent while still living, beliefs and choices while living determine eternal fate. Our earthly lives are just a moment in comparison to eternity, so we should focus on the eternal rather than the temporary. After death, it won't matter how successful we were in our career, only how successful we were in faith.

As recorded in the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon provided an example of the consequences of disobedience. After he had turned his back to God, all his wonderful blessings lost their value. God had given him everything a person could want, wisdom, wealth, and fame, and yet he considered it all meaningless. His inner eye had become blind, could no longer see the future, causing an obsession with the fact that he would lose all possessions and accomplishments upon death.

If we spend our time living for now, we’ll lose the future, everything will be lost. But, if we spend our time living for the future, our life will be full and the future will be very bright.

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