History of Halloween


Is Halloween harmless?


My first thought is it has nothing to do with God, but that wouldn’t necessarily make it evil or harmful. Other than it consisting of questionable activities and symbolisms, I don’t know much about the essence of Halloween, so will do some research.


Thank you, I will check back later...


I found a number of sources containing information about the origin and history of Halloween. Even though the information varies somewhat between sources, they have some solid commonalities. Apparently, it originated in Ireland with the Celtics about 2000 years ago. This following information is derived from a combination of resources.

Halloween is a special day for the occult, revered and celebrated by Satan worshipers. It is on the eve of Satan’s day, which apparently is November 1st.

There are a few versions about the origin of “trick or treat“, of which none are good. The most alarming version is druids would go throughout the countryside on the eve of Satan‘s day, collecting offerings for Satan. As they went about extorting each household, they would demand a certain amount of money, and if the people didn’t pay, the druids would mutilate the best animal on the farm.

Halloween costumes originated as a disguise for people to blend in with evil spirits who were supposedly out and about on the eve of Satan’s day. Apparently a Jack-o’-lantern symbolizes an imprisoned soul of a condemned dead person. And, druids would use black cats for sacrifices, believing they were a reincarnation of evil people. Someone might wonder where they got these crazy ideas, but then realize they were influenced by demons.

To answer your question, there seems to be nothing good about Halloween, rather it’s a day when numerous people unknowingly participate in celebrating Satan. By participating in the traditions of Halloween, they are joining in with the occult, giving Satan reverence.

Traditions of Halloween portray evil practices as harmless, such as pretending to be a witch. Witches are real, servants of Satan, he deceives them into believing they have supernatural powers, but it’s only demons demonstrating dazzling supernatural phenomenon. They shrewdly do it coinciding with the magical words of a witch, fooling them into thinking they have power.

Satan uses witches to draw other people into his web of evil and deception. They think they are special, he tells them they will receive special reward in the beyond. But when their life on earth ends and they land in hell, he laughs at their naivety, and they experience extreme torturous suffering the same as others, as revealed by modern prophecy.

God has granted a limited amount of supernatural power to Satan, we can only speculate why this is. The fact that he is allowed to tempt people, reveals God has a purpose for him, otherwise he would’ve been in prison long ago. If I were to speculate about the purpose, it would be to give people a choice whether to turn to God or continue walking in evil.

Therefore, even though the dark side portrays a limited amount of supernatural power, this certainly is no reason to participate in activities designed to honor Satan. When a person does that, they are turning their back to the source of life. If Jesus is not your Savior, then it doesn’t matter what you do, but if you have invited him into your life as Savior and Lord, then it’s better to come up with a coinciding celebration that honors our Lord, something that is fun for children.

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