Is Tithing Required? 2 - Partnering with God

If we were to tithe as Abraham and Jacob had, would this be honoring God even though we are now under the New Covenant? What did Jesus say about giving to God? The disciples also taught people to honor God by giving, knowing he is sovereign over all creation.

As Christians, what is our requirement concerning tithing nowadays? This really comes down to whether or not a person considers God to be their leading partner. Is his involvement wanted, needed, or required, or are we master of our own lives. If a person isn’t walking with God, then they likely wouldn’t experience the benefits of tithing anyway.

If someone is legalistically searching for a loophole releasing from the honor of tithing, this indicates they don't recognize God as an essential partner. If giving is done out of obligation or in reluctance, then it is not accredited as righteousness, that type of giving doesn’t impress God. Did you notice this following sentence from the 2nd link: “And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure?” If giving isn’t by freewill prompted by love, then there will be no blessing. God doesn’t reward people for good works, but only for motives of faith and love, as revealed in the heart.

If we give joyfully, believing God will reward our desire to help others or honor him, then love opens the treasury of blessings. After deciding to tithe, then comes the decision of where to give the blessing. A good choice would be your place of worship, but any ministry who reaches out to the lost with the Good News and encourages the saved, would be good soil.

When we help the poor or someone with a need beyond their reach, this is also honoring God, if we do so because of love. If you’re still not sure where to plant a tithe, ask God about it, then follow your heart through prayer and fasting. Planting seeds of love in fertile soil will produce a harvest designed specifically for a need we have.

Generally, I think we are expected to aim for 10%, and this should be calculated before Caesar gets his part. But, everyone has different circumstances, so we should ask God, then follow the heart. We are stewards with God's money, so with his guidance, we choose where to plant the blessing.

The Holy Spirit may bring to mind a need of someone else, or nudge the heart in which way to go. If we humbly expect the Spirit to provide guidance, and heed his divine leadership, we can walk forward in confidence. As someone becomes familiar with the Spirit's communications, sort of like knowing his voice, then following his lead becomes natural.

If we give more than10%, the overage is considered to be an offering, and if joyfully planted in fertile soil, will bring greater reward than the tithe. Besides receiving blessings in the physical world, we also have an accumulation of treasure in heaven, which is a much greater amount. Our opportunity to accumulate treasure in heaven is before arriving, and since we can’t see the ledger for our heavenly treasure, it is by faith we believe it is there.


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