Lord’s Vineyard

Jesus is the vine and Christians are the branches. When Jesus talks about working in his vineyard, he is referring to us helping each other for the good of the Kingdom, we can only be fruitful if we are walking with Jesus, apart from him we can do nothing long lasting are worthwhile. God is the vinedresser, trims away our useless baggage and grafts in good attributes, enabling us to be more fruitful.

We are the Lord’s feet, hands, voice, and a reflection of his heart. There are numerous ways to work in the vineyard, but each of us are given spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit. When we become aware of a gift, it’s our responsibility to pursue the gift and become excellent with it by much practice.

The ultimate goal is completing the great commission, but each person is only a piece of the puzzle, we all make up the body of Christ. There is a wide spectrum of differing jobs, duties, and expressions of love, as we step forth into whatever task the Lord gives. Each of our gifts are designed to be a help to others within the body of Christ, and also reach out to the lost with the Good News.

An important part of working in the vineyard is being a representative of Jesus, making prudent choices and living a life of good example. As other people see the love of God shining from our heart, they will be curious and ask questions, they will want the special love of Christ that becomes a bubbling spring within.

When we give Jesus high priority, then with whatever we do, the Spirit is supportive and active. He chooses what gifts to give, then he will help us excel as we put forth effort. Spiritual gifts are designed to work in conjunction with the Spirit, we aren’t expected to run with them on our own, we are to be partners with the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, as we work in the Lord’s Vineyard, we do so as partners with Jesus, the Spirit, and the Father. Jesus sends us on a task, the Spirit goes with us supporting, and our Father is ultimate commander over the operation. The three of them work together as one, never having disagreement, but rather have mirroring hearts.

Some duties in the vineyard seem more glorious than others, but each is a necessary part of the larger picture. Everything we do in the vineyard is seen by God, he knows our intentions and motives. When we joyfully work in the vineyard because of love, this is walking with God.



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