New Covenant Clarified

The New Covenant is the only avenue providing a doorway to God, allowing us to become citizens of his eternal Kingdom. Mankind has been in a fallen state since Adam and Eve first sinned, destined for eternal darkness, so 4000 years later God enacted the plan of redemption.

Salvation is designed so no one can buy or earn their way into the Kingdom, it’s offered at no cost, can only be received as a willing gift. The New Covenant replaces the Old, trumping the law God gave through Moses.

The Old Covenant required people to live according to the law, but everyone failed miserably, so sacrifices were required to cover their sins, but this was like putting a bandaid on cancer. The New Covenant is based on faith and love, was activated by the blood of Jesus, so no more sacrifice will ever be needed.

When Adam sinned, he died spiritually, causing all his descendants to be born spiritually dead. The only exception was Jesus, because Mary was made pregnant by the Holy Spirit, so he is God’s begotten Son. Since Jesus was born spiritually alive, and did not sin, he was qualified to redeem the rest of us. The sacrifice of is holy blood redeemed everybody who is able to see, receive, and live the truth.

By killing Jesus, Satan hoped to retain dominion over the world, which he had taken from Adam in the garden of Eden. When he was manipulating the Jews to crucify Jesus, he had no idea this was fulfilling God’s plan for salvation. This demonstrates God is sovereign over all his creation.

Now we have the option of inviting Jesus into our lives as Savior and drawing close to him as Lord. Anyone who fails to do so will remain eternally separated, forever existing in darkness, Jesus is the only doorway into the Kingdom.

As per the New Covenant, by accepting Jesus as Savior, we become united with God as sons and daughters. As his children, we are free to choose what is right, no longer bound to the ways of the world. Demonic influence has led the world into much evil, but we have been freed from the binding power of sin. Now by freewill, we can walk in a manner that mirrors the life of our Savior.

Faith, in conjunction with love, is the substance of the New Covenant, neither is complete without the other, both are required in order to be in God’s favor. If we do a good deed that isn’t done in love, then it isn’t accredited as righteousness. Doing good deeds for selfish motive gains nothing.

Even as Christians, we are only in God’s favor if we walk in faith, he blesses us for what we do in faith. He knows our heart, no motive is secret to him, someone can look pious and sanctified on the outside, but contents of the heart are in plain sight to God.

As faithful children of God, we have protection from demonic spirits. But, if we remain bound to sinful habits, this leaves open a doorway for demonic influence and disruption into our lives. It is paramount to overcome, which can be accomplished by faith, and submitting to guidance of the Holy Spirit. It’s love for God that generates sufficient motivation to turn from evil, our new heart naturally wants to adhere to God’s ways.

Those who have been born into God’s family do not make a practice of sinning, because God’s life is in them. So they can’t keep on sinning, because they are children of God.”  

1 John 3:9 NLT

According to terms of the Covenant, the Holy Spirit will be with us for the rest of our lives. He will guide and teach about Jesus and the Kingdom, as we put forth effort to acquire knowledge and understanding. By reading, meditating, and digesting God’s Word, we supply the Spirit with building material for our Christian growth. The Spirit will convict us of sins, and help to find repentance.

As God’s children, he loves us very much, and along with love comes discipline. This discipline is not in the form of punishment, but rather a means to demonstrate what is true and good. Discipline can be painful when applied, but it teaches us to do what is right.

Some people require more discipline than others, we all have different pasts and only God knows our true character. We are quite fortunate to be in the hands of a loving God, who has wisdom and power beyond measure. His patience and compassion go far and wide, but he is also holy and just.

After someone receives Jesus as Savior, draws near to him as Lord, then the promise of eternal life becomes realized. As the Holy Spirit comes upon us, we are born again, becoming spiritually alive.

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