One Minute of Awesome Answers

I remember years ago, the Lord gave me a gift of answers for one minute. Everything seemed so simple, all my problems seemed to be easily solvable, there was nothing beyond a solution. I can only remember the remembrance of that minute, but that remembrance is etched in my mind clearly.

After the minute was over, I didn’t recall any of the answers, I was as before. I can only speculate why the Lord gave me that one minute miracle, but if I were to speculate, I believe he was showing me he has all the answers. That was a very special gift, to have no unsolvable problems, everything was crystal clear, he was teaching me to rely on him in faith.

Since then, I surely have not always lived as faithful as I could or should have, but he is the rock I can turn to in trouble, the light shining in my heart guiding down a dark path. It is my desire to draw even closer to the Lord, because he has all the answers, is the source of life, but most of all, he has wonderful character and a heart of love.

It is the power and wisdom of our Father that brought about creation, but he did it through Jesus, and he has made Jesus the center of creation, and now through Jesus we have life in the eternal Kingdom.

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