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Good evening Mr. Kenny, just want to ask, what are they referring to with the word "spirit" in the following verse?

2 Kings 5:26 But Elisha asked him, "Don't you realize that I was there in spirit when Naaman stepped down from his chariot to meet you?



After Elisha saw Elijah taken to heaven in a whirlwind, he became his successor and was granted a double portion of the Spirit. Then he had the ability to see angels, and could witness events without physically being there, such as when his servant received the loot from Naaman. I don’t believe Elisha could choose what to see, rather this was controlled by the Holy Spirit. He either received visions or was taken in spirit to those places, not certain which.

Another out-of-body experience for Elisha was when he would listen-in on the enemy’s battle plans, during the war with Aram. He would give this information to the Israeli king, and they would make plans accordingly. The Aramean king started to think maybe there was a traitor among his people, but then one of his men told about Elisha, but it’s somewhat puzzling how he knew. So then the Arameans pursued Elisha, figured they had better stop him if they’re ever going to win the war.

During the night, the Arameans surrounded the valley where Elisha was, and when his servant stepped outside in the morning, he became seriously concerned. Then Elisha petitioned God to open the eyes of his servant, and then saw the warrior angels also surrounding the valley, and there were more of them.


So, Elisha had the chance to leave his body behind and witness with his spirit what's happening at those places he went to?


Possibly so, and I think it was up to the Holy Spirit when and where that would occur. In the New Testament when Philip was witnessing to the eunuch, Philip baptized him and when he came up out of the water, the Spirit took Philip away, including his body.


Woooah, so it's really possible. I was so amazed by that, because there are some people who have testimonies of their soul or spirit getting lost outside of their bodies.


The “getting lost“ part seems odd, because whenever a person leaves their body, it’s by the direction and control of God.

Something else to ponder; the spiritual realm is more real than the physical, it will exist forever, but the physical will end. We can only see what’s physical, but God can open our eyes to also see the spiritual realm.


Ah, so it’s possible for us to leave our bodies behind, then we can return, depending on God's direction and control?


Yes, and in this way God has taken lots of people into the beyond for the purpose of witnessing what is there, I call them modern prophets. During this time of out-of-body experience, they are escorted on a journey to either heaven or hell, and are instructed to make a testimony of what they saw and experienced.

Even though the Bible contains all the information we need to find God’s Kingdom, he is doing this because lots of Christians are walking through life estranged to Jesus. Information from these testimonies may inspire sufficient motivation for them to draw close to our Lord.


Woooow. God really has his own way of delivering us the truth about Him. I thought it was impossible at this modern time. Thank you so much, Mr. Kenny, I've learned a lot.


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