Sinner’s Prayer for New Life in Jesus

Following this paragraph, the entire article is a prayer, which is similar to what a new believer might say when inviting Jesus into their life as Savior and Lord. Similar words should be spoken from the heart, rather than merely recited. Power of prayer is derived from faith or belief within the heart. Although, if a new believer agrees with the following prayer, then it can be recited with hope filled words, since hope is the beginning of faith.

Dear God, I am a sinner in need of redemption, and know there is nothing I can do to save myself. I confess my complete helplessness and inability to acquire a bright future in the beyond, or even while still walking earth. I understand you sent Jesus to earth as a human, for the main purpose of sacrificing his sinless human blood to redeem sinners, which becomes true for those who receive him as Savior and Lord.

I believe Jesus willingly carried my sins on the Cross, having allowed sinners to crucify him, suffering a horrible death in my place. I believe you accepted his sacrifice as payment in full for my sins, thank you Father for enacting your plan of Salvation.

Thank you Jesus for baring my sins, you are my hero, I invite you into my life as Savior and Lord, I submit to your leadership. You are now my Sheppard, I look forward to being sent by you to work in your vineyard. I trust you not only with my life, but also eternal fate, death is no longer feared, rather it’s just a transformation into the beyond.

You, Jesus, are the doorway to our Father, it is only by the cleansing power of your blood that allows people access to the Father. I ask for a renewed heart as I put forth effort to learn your ways. I no longer intend to be master of my life, rather I want to draw close to you and follow your lead. I will learn to anticipate guidance and promptings of the Holy Spirit, heeding direction and teaching. I’m eager to step forth into my new life with you Jesus, it’s my heart’s desire to be useful.

Thank you Jesus, for calling me into the eternal family of God, I would not even know or believe you exist, but you touched my heart, and now I intend to be baptized. Thank you that my name is written in the book of life, as I repent from a lifestyle of evil. My heart is now yours Lord, I want my heart to mirror your heart.

I understand our Father will only give reward for what is done in faith, backed by love, so I intend to put my trust in you with everything I do. This is a relief, because I feel inadequate by myself, but trusting you to bless my efforts enables faith. I no longer need to know the way, because you have all the answers and I will follow you into eternity.


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