Sources of Motivation

Generally, motivation is derived from hate, fear, faith, or love. These unseen forces have tremendous power, but are dramatically different in substance. Hate is a vicious perpetual force, a toothache within the heart, which can gradually destroy anyone who harbors this powerful negative energy. If the offense is continually regurgitated, hate continues to fester, causing a heart cancer that steers the carrier down a pathway of destructive choices. Fear can be either good or bad, acting as a guide against danger or deceitfully taking place of faith within the heart. When kept in-check, fear is a natural beacon for hazardous situations, an essential element of our physical being. Fear of failure can generate sufficient motivation to complete the task-at-hand. But, when fear is allowed to be ruler of the heart, then it becomes a powerful force that can reduce a mighty man to a mere shell of his natural potential. This powerful debilitating force generally materializes from the unknown, but sometimes from the known. Fear can be paralyzing, halting forward motion with whatever the task may be. Wisdom, discernment, and faith allow a person to distinguish between an illusional barrier and something that should truly be avoided. Fear can be overcome by faith, trusting God with everything within our life is a natural part of daily living. Knowing God is faithful and honorable, allows a person to progress forward, even while fear is present. Faith enables the powerless to do mighty works, knowing God will support those who walk in faith. God will never abandon anyone who is completely trusting him, this is the foundation for faith. In order to be in God‘s special favor, we must be willing to trust him to the end of whatever the task or matter is, even while much is at risk. When someone gets to the point where failure at a great cost is preferred over doubting or giving up on God, then angels are dispatched to abundantly support. God is awesome, all powerful and all knowing, completely trusting him can never go wrong, he will always be faithful to the faithful. Love is the most powerful emotion, nothing can deter this altruistic force. It’s comparable to walking into a dark room and flipping on the light switch, darkness must yield. Within a person‘s heart, love is the light that enables someone to overlook negative possibilities or seemingly impassable barriers, illuminating the path of naturally and faithfully doing what is right. The power of love is similar to determination of a badger, fear or wariness don’t register as it steadfastly pursues the goal. Someone highly motivated with love may run across the backs of gators to save a loved one, or even a stranger. When our heart reflects the goodness of God, we do things that seem extraordinary. This is similar to Jesus dying for us, even though each of us lived as an enemy of God before receiving Jesus as savior. It wasn’t the nails that kept Jesus on the cross, rather it was his love for mankind and for our Father. Rather than calling angels to the rescue, he chose to endure pain and humiliation of crucifixion, knowing what was at stake. Our Father commanded him to endure the torturous death for the purpose of rescuing us, and assured him it is the way it must be done. Faith is a choice, purposely moving forward while trusting God’s promises, but love is different, it’s an overpowering emotion that compels the carrier to take heroic actions. We don’t need to choose love or make ourselves move forward in it, rather love is our driving force toward altruistic deeds. The power of love leads people to do things they would otherwise lack motivation or vision to accomplish. Hurdles and fears are undeterring when love and faith dwell together, as though barriers are only an illusion. By the power of love, the New Covenant replaces the Old, making Mosaic Law obsolete, because love and faith together naturally impel someone to do what is right, without the commandment of law.


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