Spiritual Virus

Have occasionally referred to the mindset or heart condition of the left as a symptom of having contracted the liberal virus, but was unable to pinpoint the cause or source of the heart altering infection. Have often wondered how it is acquired, how is it able to influence perspectives, and how does it generate such similar delusional ideas among the infected?

But now, the mystery has been solved. The virus isn’t a physical condition, nothing doctors can fix with surgery or pills, rather it’s a spiritual contamination. People are susceptible to the virus when the heart lacks proper belief of truth. Sadly, after contracting the virus, it becomes even more difficult to recognize and accept truth, but it is still possible.

As god of the world, Satan has the ability to further darken the minds of people who reject the Good News, anyone who has failed to invite Jesus as Savior and draw close to him as Lord. After someone becomes infected with the virus, the heart becomes more in the image of Satan‘s heart, drifting further from God.

The virus decreases spiritual discernment, and instills a tendency to believe what isn’t true as though it were. The virus promotes moral decay, making it easier to flow with values and trends of the world, such as greed, abortion for any reason or no reason, homosexuality, lying, transgenderism, deception, hating what is good and loving what is evil.

Concerning those evils, someone doesn’t need to be actively participating in order to be involved, can be indirectly involved by approving or arranging for others to actively participate. For example, someone can vote to have a school teach homosexuality and transgenderism to young children, brainwashing them into thinking it is good and normal, which is actually happening in some public schools.

Another way someone can be indirectly involved with the list of evils is by voting for politicians who espouse approval, or have a track record of voting for laws that instigate moral decay. Our actions and beliefs never go unnoticed by God, but he is currently allowing life to unfold as it will during his time of grace, so it is prudent to look past what this world has to offer, realizing everything in the physical is temporary.

Unfortunately, majority of politicians and media have little or no regard for actual truth, rather manufacture truth to match their agenda, then with all their might and resources, adamantly try brainwashing the public into believing their manufactured truth. As a result, numerous people cling to this counterfeit truth, not realizing they’ve been hoodwinked.

These counterfeit truths are not good, people believing and living these lies are susceptible to the spiritual virus, and likely have already been infected. After someone contracts the virus, the heart sways toward what is evil, losing the ability to properly distinguish good from evil. The heart becomes molded by the world, and the god of the world.

The way to avoid being blinded by Satan, is to cling to truth, hunger for truth, and seek truth. If your heart loves truth, and most importantly, loves Jesus, then you are immune to the virus. Jesus is our doorway to eternal life, without him we have no connection with God.

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