Suicide, What Happens After?

Immediately after someone commits suicide, they see it was a very poor decision. No matter how bad it was before, it is suddenly much worse. One thing suicide does not do is end a person’s pain and suffering, rather it becomes amplified many-fold. The following describes a similarity of what will be faced.

Awareness remains intact, and as they look around trying to figure out where this dark and dreary place is, a horrible gagging stench is all around. Gloomy illumination from flames far and near provide limited sight, and suddenly fear engulfs the heart with the realization it is hell.

It soon becomes clear that demons dominate this place, having tyrannical power over people, the condemned souls remain very weak in comparison. Demons promptly introduce unimaginable suffering, they have numerous ways to apply extreme pain with horrific tactics.

It isn’t long before a person realizes their body is dead, existing in a perpetual regenerative state, as the flesh repeatedly gets used up by insane torture. After a nightmarish event occurs that destroys the flesh, it always regenerates in preparation for the next nightmarish event.

Sometimes the flesh will be burned away, leaving only a skeleton, but the soul continues to exist within. There are worms crawling in the bones, also causing pain and suffering. The soul remains consciously aware through whatever happens, and also retains clear memories of previous life in the physical, but now engulfed with regret and despair. The pain and suffering is unimaginable and unending.

Someone may wonder if there is a type of suicide that is condoned by God, if perhaps a compassionate ending of a life might be okay. But since we are commanded not to murder, let’s see what the definition is.

Murder: The crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought.

That definition is according to man’s law, but God‘s law trumps man’s law. And since we answer to God in the beyond, it’s much better to abide by his law, so let’s see what he says about murder.

You must not murder.”

Exodus 20:13 NLT

You must not murder. If you commit murder, you are subject to judgment.

Matthew 5:21 NLT

But by the murders you committed, you have shamed your name and forfeited your lives.

Habakkuk 2:10 NLT

Therefore, if a country legalizes what they call a compassionate killing of someone, this does not override God’s law, which says “you must not murder”. Although, if a person has committed a crime whereas death is the penalty, then the penalty of death is not considered murder.

Suicide: The act or an instance of taking one's own life voluntarily and intentionally.

Killing yourself is murdering yourself. No matter how old or young a person is, a choice to purposely end a human life can only be seen as murder. When a person chooses to end their own life, this is a pre-meditated choice to murder oneself, and even if it was spontaneous, it’s still murder. If God makes an exception for someone, he is God and knows what is right, but it’s much wiser to walk in faith rather than hope for an exception.

What about refusing a medical procedure that may prolong a persons life, would it be considered suicide to reject this option? It doesn’t seem reasonable to consider this to be suicide, because it puts a division between the wealthy and the poor, those who have access to such medical technology and those who don’t.

But more to the point, this would put reliance on modern medical technology, rather than God, causing the medical industry to be seen as a sort of god to many people. Rather, Christians are to rely on God for healing, rather than medical technology.

God may choose to bring healing through medical technology, but Christians should consult him before choosing this route. Someone walking in faith may never need a hospital, because God provided healing 2000 years ago, which is just as much real now as then.

Therefore, refusing modern medical technology is not the same as committing suicide. Rather, it’s allowing nature to take it’s course, trusting God to choose when we pass into the beyond. Since God only blesses what we do in faith, and suicide clearly displays an absence of faith, then it’s obviously not condoned.

If a person is at the point of committing suicide, I hope someone shows this article. The person clearly needs Jesus, and not only attending church services, but truly walking with Jesus in the heart. Jesus will receive anyone who genuinely receives him as Savior and Lord, and after pursuing this choice, and forming a close relationship with him, the tendency of suicide vanishes.

We all have a void in our heart that is reserved for God, nothing or no one else can satisfy the void. If the void is left empty, then there is always an empty feeling within. If someone tries to fill the void with someone or something other than God, the void is never satisfied, it still has an aching emptiness. If a person is not able to see beyond the physical world with their inner eye, then God is not living in the heart, and burdens of life can become overwhelming.

There is a solution, inviting Jesus into the heart as Savior is the initial step, but additional steps must be taken. We are also required to form a close relationship with Jesus, coming to know him, allowing him to be our Lord. Then the Holy Spirit comes upon us, the comforting presence of God, quickening our spirit life, we are born again. Then as we put forth effort to learn the Word of God, the Spirit instills understanding, illuminating the inner light of wisdom.

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