What Defines a Person?

When we meet a stranger, we might observe stature or other physical aspects in an attempt to measure them up. Perhaps the clothes we wear or the car we drive may help others surmise who we are. But, none of these reveal the true character of a person.

When God surmises the character of someone, he looks to the heart. All motives, feelings, beliefs, and values can be found there. Can’t hide anything in the heart, it’s all in open view to God.

The person who plans evil against others, surely intends to do so in secret, but it isn’t secret to God. When someone does something good for another, God knows the motive behind the seemingly altruistic act. So it isn’t what we do that’s most significant, but rather why we do it. What motive, belief, emotion, or value led to the good deed?

If someone does good things for others because of love, this brings joy to our Father. Our awesome God is a God of love, the main ingredient behind holiness. Love is the motive or emotion behind a myriad of good deeds, it does no wrong. Love is the most powerful emotion, and when God finds this emotion in a person‘s heart, as the motive behind unselfish deeds, he considers that heart precious.

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